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  How do I know that I have PAD?
  Poor circulation in the legs usually begins with difficulty in walking. Specifically, this means “cramping” in the calf area after a certain distance. In other instances, fatigue or “tired” legs might force one to stop and rest until the symptoms disappear. These signs of PAD repeat themselves over and over again in the same pattern.
  Are there other signs of PAD?

Yes, in addition to cramping, fatigue and tired legs, an individual may see loss of hair in the leg area or toes and/or cool legs that are difficult to keep warm. In most severe cases, skin changes and pain at rest predominate the picture.

  How do I know that I have an aneurysm?

In most people, aneurysms are silent conditions that grow without true symptoms. Screening tests such as ultrasounds and CAT scans define the presence and indicate how and when aneurysms are treated.

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  Are there any personal factors that help my doctor diagnose vascular problems?

Yes, family history is a very important risk factor that should be discussed openly with your doctor. In addition, tobacco use, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are other factors that deserve further evaluation.

  What are the signs of lung cancer?

In many patients, the first and only “sign” of this condition is an abnormal chest x-ray. Cough and chest pain may accompany this problem but are not “specific” signs.

  What are the “signs” of blood clots?

Clots are found in both arteries and veins. The usual “signs” are pain, swelling and altered sensations in the legs. These findings demand immediate evaluation!

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